Awakening the Sacred Heart Within - Restoring the Sacred Heart of Gaia

 Awakening the Sacred Heart Within ~ Restoring the Sacred Heart of Gaia


The Temple Gaia is in a divinely orchestrated phase being birthed unto humanity. I have shared more about our Legacy of Love below. Please connect with our current Temple offerings of Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening through social links at the top and bottom of this page.

Much love, Emma Beth xxx

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The Temple Gaia is a divinely co-created sacred space, sanctuary and community in honour of Divine Sophia, the infinite Wisdom of Creation and our planetary body Gaia; Sacred Mother Earth. It is the inner and outer Temple of your sovereign divinity and the pathway to your direct and unconditional connection to the Divine source of all life. It is within this womb of Her love that we can begin, or continue the journey to reclaiming and remembering the truth of who we are.

Many of us have incarnated in this lifetime with a knowing of our work as sacred keepers of these mysteries and this wisdom. We have been guided or called to walk the path of healing and awakening the Earth through restoring the intricate balance between the masculine and feminine on our planet. 

Our knowing rests in our hearts that before we can step into the gift of this divinely orchestrated and sacred role, we must first embrace and embark on our own journey of self-discovery. We need to reclaim the disowned and hidden parts of ourselves and remember our truth. In doing so merging once more with our sexual, creative life force energy through the sacred marriage within our inner and outer worlds.

As the feminine, you may be called to the path of the Priestess, as a Guide, Oracle, Healer or Spiritual Midwife of our Sacred Gaia. As the masculine, you may feel a deep knowing of your mission and purpose to restore the heart of our sacred Mother Earth by seeking truth; surrendering into Her and assisting in the clearing of the family and social beliefs and patterns which are ready to be shifted into a new paradigm of consciousness.